Snooki Says Miley Cyrus ‘Needs To Be Single’

From Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s split to Britney Spears’ big announcement, Hollywood has been hit with a ton of news this week.

Lucky for you, the wonderful Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has offered to break down some of the biggest celebrity headlines.

Here are some of Snooki’s thoughts on what she calls a “CRAZYYYY week in entertainment.”

On Miley and Liam calling off their engagement, and Liam spotted kissing Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez one day later: 

My girl Miley needs to be single. I know she said her song Wrecking Ball is about Liam and their love, and how he affected her life, but in all honesty this is the time for Miley to live it up. Killing it at the VMA’s, riding a wrecking ball naked, Miley’s sexy butt needs to be single and enjoy her career and LIFE. Now there’s a picture surfacing of Liam kissing Eiza….Girl its over. Let’s move on, kill it in the music business, and enjoy the ride! There’s so many cute fishies in the sea, and nows your time to be young, and stupid. Just do you, and eventually you will find the right one when your ready. For now, PARTY GIRL!! Xoxoo”

On Britney Spears’ Las Vegas gig, her new single “Work Bitch” and her defense of Miley:

Im so excited for britney spears residency at planet hollywood in Vegas! I’m obsessed with this b*tch. Her new single “Work Bitch” is my anthem every day driving to dance rehearsals. It literally puts me in the mood to work it on the dance floor. The fact that she’s sticking up for Miley is amazing. No body’s an angel, and I love when other artists support each other. I can remember when everyone criticized Britney for her performances being too sexy or too raunchy, so letting Miley know she’s got her back is obvious. I am a huge supporter of Britney and next time I’m in Vegas I’m totally going to her show. Totally not fair how she stripped for Pauly D. I WANT A STRIP SHOW TOO BRITNEY! love yewwww.”

On Zac Efron’s reported rehab stint for cocaine:

This story totally came out of left field for me! Zac Efron (who i still picture as the kid from High School Musical) just admitted to entering rehab several months ago for cocaine addiction. This makes me so sad. It’s terrible to hear when anyone has a drug addiction, but for Zac Efron I’m sure this is very shocking for everyone. I was never one to get experimental in the drug scene, clearly i loved my booze, but never did drugs, so I can never really understand why beautiful and talented people turn to drugs. I wish the Best for Zac, he’s a young , handsome talented actor and the fact that he’s going to rehab to get better is the first step! I’m really happy that he decided to change and become healthy. Best of luck Zac! XOXO”

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