Thinking Great Thoughts About Zac Efron

This photo of Zac Efron thinking got me thinking about how great I think Zac Efron is. He was great on High School Musical, and his most recent role in Surprise Drug Addict was a real star turn, don’t you think? Also, there was that movie where Nicole Kidman peed on him, which was pretty great. Anyway, that’s just what I think about Zac Efron. Speaking of thoughts I think, I think today’s winning captions are pretty great too!

“About high school musical… lol” – Miriam

“Stop calling, I don’t need any more drugs.” – Michelle

“I think… therefore I amfron…” – Murrt

“If I hold this invisible phone to my ear, maybe no one will ask me about my rehab.” – Gretchen

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