This Is What Happens When Claire Danes Interrupts Lena Dunham’s Interview With Ryan Seacrest

In the words of Lena Dunham, “Seacrest out. Danes in.”

Just before they pulled a Katy Perry and were thisclose to an “I Kissed A Girl" moment, self-professed besties Dunham and Claire Danes swapped their award-winning scripted acting chops for some one-on-one Q&A improv on the Emmys red carpet.

And it goes a little something like this:

Danes: “How do you feel being here tonight?... I’m so bad at this!”

Dunham: “I’m just really excited because you’re my really good friend and I get to see you!”

Danes: “It’s totally wackadoodle!”

Dunham: “They gave you this faux bob. I love it!"

And the fan-girling continues...

Dunham: “She’s my favorite actress!”

Danes: “She’s my favorite everything!”

And gush over their Kerry Washington obsession.

Before they remember Seacrest is actually still there. But it’s okay, he just kicked back and had a tuna salad.

Watch Claire and Lena in full effect in the video above.



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