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  • Marie Dominguez
    Marie Dominguez

    Are u kidding me that is not a bad example what about the trashy moms who smoke in the car with there kids and abuse and neglect them or how they stay in abusive relation ship showing your kid it's ok not to have self respect. B you are a great mother feel free to wear sox and sweats anytime! Because if that's the worst u show your daughter u don't have anything to worry about as I'm sure you know

  • Nicole PromoNickey Robinson
    Nicole PromoNickey Robinson

    What difference does it make, people trip me out trying to make someone look bad. Boo to BARBARA DEFRANCO

  • Heather N Evelyn
    Heather N Evelyn

    She can wear socks if she wants to. Those heels hurt like hell and if you look her daughter is wearing sandals. Shut up you haters! She is a good mother. All mothers can relate kids come first always. Even d that means we don't wear our own shoes at times.

  • Joe Ritchey
    Joe Ritchey

    Maybe she is showing respect for Shakira's Colombian Pies Descalzos foundation (barefeet) or in USA known as Barefoot Foundation