Jon Hamm to Undergo Throat Surgery

Eight-time Emmy nominee (but unjustly zero-time winner) Jon Hamm will be undergoing surgery remove a single polyp — an abnormal growth of tissue — in his throat.

The actor’s rep tells Huffington Post that it’s a “routine outpatient procedure” and the 42-year-old is expected undergo the routine sometime next week.

An insider close to the situation also tells Gossip Cop that the polyp “not cancerous” and Hamm has not been coughing up blood as other reports have suggest.

Meanwhile, Life & Style claims the surgery news is not new for Hamm’s Mad Men co-star, January Jones. According to a source, the actress “was talking about [Hamm’s throat surgery] at the Governors Ball after party last night” after Sunday’s Emmy Awards ceremony.

Celebuzz has reached out to the actor’s rep for further comment.