Kelly Clarkson Can't Keep Her Jane Austen Ring

Kelly Clarkson and Jane Austen
Kelly Clarkson and Jane Austen have settled their legendary feud, with the late, great novelist coming out on top this time.

If you've not been following the #drama, here's a recap: Kelly Clarkson bought a gold and turquoise ring that once belonged to Austen at auction last year for $236,000. Then the British culture ministry decided the ring was of historical value and could not leave the country. After that, an export ban was placed on the ring while the Jane Austen's House Museum tried to raise funds in order to buy back the ring from Clarkson.

The museum has announced it raised enough money in order to buy the ring for itself, leaving Clarkson empty handed.

In the meantime, Clarkson seems to have set her sights on a different Austin enitrely:



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  • javadude54

    Kind of ironic in that throughout much of England's history they spent a lot of time and effort stealing priceless artifacts from other countries.

  • Shannon Apt
    Shannon Apt

    If the museum wanted the ring so bad then why did they auction it off the first place, I've gone to auctions where they sold Revolutionary Items and the previous owners did not ask for them back. I understand the value of Jane but if you give auction something off you shouldn't return it. But Clarkson has a good sense of style I'm sure she's going to find something better in her antique findings!