Miley Cyrus Continues to Be Miley Cyrus In New '23' Music Video

Oh, she's just being Miley Cyrus.

The singer's latest music video with "We Can't Stop" collaborator Mike WiLL Made It is seriously just a checklist of her most infamous antics. Despite "23" actually not being her single, Cyrus has managed to cram every single one of her cliches into the freshly-released video.

Here are just some of the usual suspects that've made appearance:

Smoking and references to weed? Check.

Tongue? Check.

Twerking and grinding on people? Check.

Gratuitous shot of her boobs? Check.

Foam finger? Check.

Sexy outfits that'll made your grandma blush? Check forever.

Lyrics for the song are now on Directlyrics.



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  • Demi Valentine
    Demi Valentine

    I just saw the video on Vevo, and I absolutely LOVE it! Miley is so beautiful!!!

  • nessa21

    Honestly get a grip n leave the girl alone. Why do people feel the need to put others down. She hasn't done anything to harm anyone n it seems she knows exactly what she is doin otherwise she wouldn't be a multi millionaire.....miley is laughing all the way to the bank


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