‘Need for Speed’ Trailer: Aaron Paul Pulls a Ryan Gosling

Since Ryan Gosling is on that acting break of his (and is directing movies instead), the universe answered our prayers and sent the equally hot and talented Aaron Paul to play the role of “handsome actor in a car movie.” (Sorry Vin DieselPaul Walker).

With the end of Breaking Bad approaching, the trailer for Paul’s new film Need for Speed serves as a reminder that the man behind Jesse Pinkman can do other things besides saying “Bitch.”

He can drive. He can do a killer voiceover for a trailer. And he can pack a punch while looking calm, cool and collected. (Dominic Cooper, is that you on the receiving end?)

Based on the extremely popular video games series of the same name, Need for Speed tells the story of a street racer who seeks revenge on a former friend and partner. There are plenty of cars and big names (such as Imogen Poots, Kid Kudi and Michael Keaton) to go around, along with a smorgasbord of explosions and driving scenes.

Need for Speed, directed by Scott Waugh, opens Mar. 14, 2014, bitch.

[Lead image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures]