Is Robert Pattinson Rebounding with His Workout Partner?

What’s the best way to get over a breakup?

Make your ex jealous by getting a six-pack… and while you’re at it, start romancing your sexy trainer. (That is, if you’re taking pointers out of the Robert Pattinson dating handbook.)

The Twilight hunk has been spotted dropping off a hot brunette gym buddy, who’s been ID’d as Sydney Liebes.

If you believe RadarOnline, she started working him out (professionally speaking) when she was hired to whip R-Patz into shape for Mission: Blacklist. But sparks started flying because (obviously) she’s a dead ringer for his ex Kristen Stewart: “Sydney kind of looks like Kristen, but she’s not at all like her,” a source close to Liebes told the site. “She’s down to earth, really energetic, uplifting, whereas Kristen is so somber and tomboyish. Sydney’s a great match for Rob!”

Then just three weeks ago they were spotted at celeb-friendly SoHo House in L.A. holding hands when “snuggling” ensued and they made a second date at a b-day party for actress Shoshana Bush last weekend where they were once again “all over each other.”

So who is K-Stew’s competition?

According to the source (aka a “friend”), the personal trainer is not climbing the celeb ladder to fame, she’s “down to earth,” low-key,” and “excited about Rob.”

And via her Instagram she’s a health food fanatic, loves animals and getting into a skimpy bikini, she’s moving to a pad just above Sunset Boulevard, and she likes night swims, hiking with gal pals, and taking selfies at hotspot Beacher’s Madhouse.

But it looks like Liebes could actually have competition of her own since Life&Style reported the 27-year-old heartthrob has also been getting close with Sean Penn’s daughter Dylan.

In an effort to get to the bottom of the couples conundrum, CB! had a chat with Liebes father Rich Buckner who would only say this: “I’m very aware of the scenario and what’s going on. My daughter is a professional. She’s actually going to be handling any kind of comments personally.”

Well, she did make a statement — by blocking all those prying eyes from her Twitter account.

Get a closer look at Rob’s rumored new gal in the CB! gallery above.