You Will Know Her Name: Spifster

In honor of Carrie, a girl with a pretty special power of her own, we're taking a look at 8 kick-ass women harnessing the power of their talents to make a splash in a BIG way. You probably haven't heard of any of these women yet, but trust us -- you will know her name.

Facts: Spifster Sutton, out of Chi-Town, has the most incredible skills I've ever seen. She's done nails for the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Adrienne Bailon. She is a BEAST. Why We Love Her: She can get the kind of detail we could only dream of mastering with a pen and ink and she does kick-ass nails that manage to be both retro and contemporary at the same time.

Where She's At? Keep track by following her on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

Why We're Obsessed: Spifster has a pretty impressive portfolio of work, but this manicure she did for Vanity Projects in NYC is something that I would gladly rock all day, every day.


Need more convincing? Check out this gallery of the best of Spifster and keep an eye out -- she's doing big things in the underground, but trust us, she's poised for a breakout.



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  • goodfor7days

    Color me impressed. I really enjoyed her use of layering and negative space. I do fancy the idea of nail art, but I rarely like the execution. No matter how cute and creative it runs the risk of looking sophomoric or gaudy, at least to me. Her designs are clever, young, exciting, and metropolitan-chic! I also appreciate her subtle use of glitter. Glitter is a girly-girl guilty pleasure of mine, but I have no clue as how to pull it off! But, thanks to her throughly, modern, and inspiring designs I will break out the sparkle!