The Alternate Ending to Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ and Other Funny Things

Friends, lovers, and cats who secretly use your human’s computer while s/he’s at work, please have a seat. We have a lot to get through today. We have so much to get through, I am not even ramble incoherently as I normally do. Below, we’ve got “If Every Celebrity Were Ron Swanson,” the best Breaking Bad (feat. Lana Del Rey) parody of all time, classic movies updated for the modern age, and, yes, one or two Miley memes. (They will never go away, sorry.)

This one’s for those of you jonesing for a Miley fix:

And now, here are a bunch of classic movies updated for the modern age. (If you like these, there are more here.)

Breaking Bad fans, the end is near, but “Breaking Bad Sadness,” a Lana Del Rey-flavored parody, will help ease the pain.

A Breaking Bad bonus:

Have you ever wondered, “What if all celebrities were Ron Swanson?” Wonder no more:

I think the joke here is that all bald people look the same? Either that or Mr. Clean is actually Voldemort?

Everyone loves a good Drake pun:

And, because I’m an enabler, here’s one last Miley meme to take us out.

I’m exhausted (from all the laughter). I am going to go rest up so I can be ready for next week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup. My job is hard, bye.