‘Modern Family’ Starts Its Season Off with a Gay Proposal

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Given that same-sex marriage was illegal in California until this summer, Modern Family‘s Mitch and Cam were not legally wed. However, using this summer’s historic ruling on Hollingsworth v. Perry as a jumping off point, the show’s writers decided to give Mitch and Cam the wedding they deserve. That all started on last night’s season premiere with this sweet proposal.

In terms of tired sitcom tropes, the proposal is just about as common as it gets, so it takes something really different to make it special. Mitch and Cam were both planning to propose and, stranded on the side of the road, both choose the same moment. It was a sweet moment for a couple who, more often than not, is shown bickering rather than getting along.

Now let’s just hope the writers don’t let us down and revert to tired stereotypes for the actual wedding planning.