Susan Sarandon Is Chill as Hell, Loves Burning Man

Susan Sarandon Loves Burning Man
Susan Sarandon, she of the ping-pong bar owning, boy toy dating ilk, is apparently also very into counter culture. Page Six reports the 66-year old film actress and unabashed political activist declared herself a fan of the yearly Burning Man event, a "radical self-expression" (read: hippies, drugs) festival that takes place in the desert and includes the Pagan ritual of lighting a human wicker statue on fire. Once considered a taboo, out-there freakfest, Burning Man has recently become a hit with the pop culture cognoscenti, including Stacy Keibler  and Diddy.


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  • Saul Of-Hearts
    Saul Of-Hearts

    Way more than "hippies and drugs" at Burning Man. Would you make that kind of statement about some other event if it were, say, an ethnic or gay pride gathering? Maybe get to know a community before you knock it?

  • Kram Nalpak
    Kram Nalpak

    Barbara DeFranco has no concept of what Burning Man is or isn't.

  • iwont

    Worst description of burning man ever.

  • Miguel Dowgopoluk
    Miguel Dowgopoluk

    Whoever wrote this has obviously never been to Burning Man and shouldn't speak on the matter as they are spreading BULLSHIT that idiots that have never been hear about and keep spreading.