The Power of Beysus Christ Compels You!

I saw Beyoncé perform live in August, and it was mind-blowing — don’t get me wrong — but I’m feeling a bit miffed that I was not invited backstage to lay hands upon her holy form.  I really could have used the excuse to never wash my hands again. Plus, that’s a Facebook profile pic you can’t beat! So many “likes” that never will be… Well, that’s fine, Queen Bey. Maybe next time. And until we cross paths again, we have today’s winning captions to bring truth and goodness into our lives.

“The power of Christ compels you!” – Rebecca

“OUT you sasha fierce spirit” – Stella

“She’s gonna need more kids than that to hold up her over inflated ego.” – Mark

“i swear if you lay your hand anywhere near my business, you’ll be saying a whole new prayer!!” – Katie

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