I Think We Missed Kim Kardashian’s Big Reveal

Guys, we’ve been waiting so long for Kim Kardashian’s grand, much hyped-about post-North West body debut that we let the obvious escape us.

During Paris Fashion Week, Kardashian shimmied back into haute couture pieces, including a gorgeous gown created just for her by Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci (Not this one).

This happened, and we totally missed it.  Boobs, legs, hips.  All of it was there.

Meanwhile, we’ve been too busy wagering baby body bets on HELLO! vs People vs Life & Style vs Vogue (HAH!)

Granted, we haven’t seen Kardashian in a bikini yet (which Kendra Wilkinson proves truly defines a post-baby body reveal), but Paris Fashion Week doesn’t end until tomorrow. So…maybe Marc Jacobs will let her walk as his swan song for Louis Vuitton?