Of Course, Miranda Kerr Collects Underwear From Around the World

Oh what, you don’t own a pair of Egyptian cotton thong purchased from the finest bazaar in Cairo? How about a handmade bustier stitched with the finest Chantilly lace?

Well, if you are a proud owner of exotic underwear, chances are you’re probably Miranda Kerr. Speaking with Cosmopolitan, the former Victoria’s Secret model reveals she has amassed quite the underwear collection. (Come on, looking good in a bra was her profession at one point in her life.)

I collect underwear from my travels,” she tells the publication. “Lace, lingerie, bodysuits…they’re like souvenirs.”

The Australian beauty, who also graces the cover of Cosmopolitan’s November 2013 issue, adds that she loves to get dolled up and slip into something flirty when she’s at home.

“When I get home, I’m not the boss like I am at work – I slip into a more feminine role. I take everything off and put on my Stella McCartney silk robe. I’ll put on a red lip or red nails, and it lifts my mood,” she says. “Sexy underwear also gives you a spark.”

“My life is more balanced than ever,” Kerr adds of balancing work and domestic duties with husband Orlando Bloom. “Models are some of the most insecure people I’ve ever met. They’re constantly being told they’re not good enough. You’ve really got to practice loving yourself.”

Hmm, no wonder she literally jumps for joy every dang morning.