Your Fall Television Preview: Everything Is a Copy of a Copy

Each season, a whole new slate of television shows hit the airwaves. Some will be hits, even more will be canceled, but most of all, many are, in some way, a rip off of a series plot that has already proven successful. This is how the new shows of fall 2013 connect:

Modern Family is, obviously, a big one. Winning four straight Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series, every network is trying to duplicate the show’s success. So you’ll notice plenty of wacky families hurtling onto your television screens this fall.

The loss of 30 Rock and The Office leaves a workplace comedy-sized hole hole in our hearts. Fortunately networks like CBS and Fox have just that lined up. We heard you liked Mad Men and 30 Rock, well here’s a show about some wacky ad execs! And whaddyaknow, they’re family too! Paging Modern Family.

Other hot trends are legal dramas and fond nostalgia. Shows like Masters of Sex and The Goldbergs look to capitalize on the “remember when” trend, while shows like Hostages, The Blacklist, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Ironside duplicate popular law enforcement shows.

So, tell us, which recycled ideas are you liking so far this season?