Are You Angrier About the Government Shutdown or This Photo of Justin Bieber?

Judging by today’s caption contest submissions — the best of which you can find after the jump — I would guess that people are angrier about Justin Bieber having his bodyguards carry him up the steps of the Great Wall of China than they are about the shutdown of the federal government. But it’s not like I took an official, scientific poll, ‘cuz science is for losers!

“how many body guards duz it take to carry a piece of up the steps?” – Daft

“Can’t Get The Bottom Of My Shoes Dirty So Carry Me.” – Candice

“My pants are to saggy I can’t walk up these historical steps like a normal human being” – Ashley

“I forgot to put insurance on my legs, pick me up!” – Noel

“Are we there yet??” – Lucia

“*Carry me..I don’t wanna pull a vagina muscle climbing*” – Cindy

“Ok Guys, remember at the top of the stairs he’s going over the edge and it’s pizza and beer back at the hotel..” – Randy

“You know they’re thinking about throwing him off.” – Samantha

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