Gretchen Rossi’s Already Got Another Gig

Gretchen Rossi's New Gig
That didn’t take long.

Just days after reportedly being axed from The Real Housewives of Orange CountyGretchen Rossi already has another job in the works.

So don't fret Housewives diehards. She won’t be straying far from her reality roots.

“She’s been offered to be a part of a new show on WE tv,” a source close to the TV star-turned-handbag/bikini designer.

“It’s a show about different celeb couples.”

Our insider says another reality name that’s been dropped: Trista Sutter (remember, she’s the one who started the reality couples craze as the first Bachelorette. She’s also married to that hot fireman).

According to the source, in Housewives-style, the show would follow their lives, including Rossi's longtime romance with fiance Slade Smiley.

But the 35-year-old future Mrs. Smiley has yet to sign on the dotted line.

"She’s waiting for the final word from Bravo before she takes it,” added the source. “As of now, she’s not coming back. But Bravo hasn’t said a final yes or no.

“They want to change things up. The storylines are getting boring and it’s a lot of the same.

“She actually was already thinking about leaving.

“But if she takes the new show, she’d start filming right away.”

Rossi isn't the only castmember being cast aside. Alexis Bellino is also apparently taking her final bow before season 9 starts filming.

Who knows, the blonde bombshell told CB! she may delay walking down the aisle to have a baby, so we're already seeing potential reality gold.



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  • Kelly Monaco
    Kelly Monaco

    A note from a boso behind a computer. He was on the show for 9 years and gave them reality gold.. He was part of launching the show you dumb ass so go argue with the millions who watch it every week. She was on for 5 years, does all the NBC and Bravo TV commercials, has the largest following of the OC housewives and is recognized for not just her design but also charity work. Of course a network would offer to work with them you bone head.. Further more, most press on the net isn't the most accurate so don't get all worked up, but geez use your head. This is about business not your stupid Armchair opinion.

  • armchaircritic

    So the WEtv network will now support these clowns, a no-talent hack and man notorious for being a deadbeat dad? I hope everyone boycotts this show and the network as a whole. Disgusting.