“We Are All ‘Possibly’ Frank Sinatra’s Son”: The Ronan Farrow Story

Sometimes a person will grow up thinking they are one person’s son, only to learn later that they have actually been Frank Sinatra’s love child the whole time. In a new interview for Vanity Fair, Mia Farrow said that her son Ronan Farrow, now 25, is not Woody Allen’s son but “possibly” Frank Sinatra’s.

Farrow was married to Sinatra at 2o; they were divorced two years later, but she said in the interview that she felt he was “the great love of her life” and that they “never really split up.” No DNA test has been done. In the meantime, stick an eggplant rollatini on the kid’s head and see if it melts.

Also in the interview? Chilling statements from Farrow’s adopted daughter Dylan, regarding a 20-year-old sexual-abuse case against Woody Allen. Dylan told Vanity Fair special correspondent Maureen Orth: “There’s a lot I don’t remember, but what happened in the attic I remember. I remember what I was wearing and what I wasn’t wearing.” Yikes.

Well anyway, here’s a joke from Ronan’s twitter.