You Will Know Her Name: Promise Phan

In honor of Carrie, a girl with a pretty special power of her own, we’re taking a look at 8 kick-ass women harnessing the power of their talents to make a splash in a BIG way. Nails good, show tunes sung – now let’s get dressed with Wendy, from Wendy’s Lookbook. You probably haven’t heard of any of these women yet, but trust us — you will know her name.


She transforms into Drake! Watch – it’s amazing.

Facts:.She’s self-taught, she’s incredibly talented and she can show you how to make yourself look like Angelina Jolie in under 10 minutes. Promise Phan is the real deal.

Why We Love Her:  Watching her go through the same old beauty blogger motions but changing herself into her interpretation of Drake or Beyonce or Lana Del Ray is bananas.

Where She’s At:  Find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and duh, YouTube. She’s around.

Why We’re Obsessed: She transforms herself into Flo, the girl from the Progressive Insurance Group, with a couple of intriguing twists. You gotta check it out.

Stick around to see how she gets all this look OFF her face.  The final reveal is absolutely incredible.

Mystique – X Men

Start practicing Early, because Halloween is juuuust around the corner.

Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty