‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Premiered 23 Years Ago Today

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OhMyGod, you guys.  I totally forgot that the crown jewel of the 90s premiered on October 4th, 1990!

Beverly Hills, 90210 was a series that defined many a teenage era, so much so that my scrunchie-wearing mother refused to let me watch 9-0 until Fox moved its time slot from Thursdays at 9 to Wednesday at 8.  Then syndication happened, and it was glorious.

These days, if an episode is playing on Soap Net, all plans are canceled.  One never, ever tires of:

  • Brenda’s melodramatic tantrums
  • Brenda’s bodysuits
  • Brenda’s tapered jeans
  • Donna’s bodysuits
  • Brandon’s coif
  • Dylan’s coif
  • Steve’s mock turtlenecks
  • David’s harem pants
  • High-waisted bikini bottoms
  • The fact that Peter Krause played Aundrea’s boyfriend the summer before senior year.
  • Donna’s empty stomach, which led to a drunky prom after which she (almost) got suspended from school.  Damn you, Mel Silver!
  • Jackie Taylor’s relapse, which subsequently ruined the Mother/Daughter fashion show
  • Jackie’s earrings
  • Jackie’s house

Which reminds me, I had a fine chat with Jackie a few weeks ago.