Demi Lovato on Miley Cyrus: ‘This Is Her Time to Break Out’

Demi Lovato is sticking by her fellow former Disney cohorts.

In a recent interview with Fox 31’s Everyday, the X Factor judge sides with Miley Cyrus, defending the “Wrecking Ball” songstress’ latest eyebrow-raising antics.

“I’ve said this a million times, I know Britney [Spears] and Miley very well. Miley has been one of my best friends growing up and so I’m happy for her,” the blue-haired star says. “She’s doing what she wants to do and this is her time to break out and figure out, you know, what she wants to do in her career and her image and everything.”

Lovato also applauds the 21-year-old for looking past the negative criticism, telling the morning show, “I’m happy seeing her happy because I love her so much, And, you know, she doesn’t care what people think, nor should she.”

However, there’s one thing Cyrus does well that Lovato can’t get behind: using the word “twerk.”

Previously, the “Made In The U.S.A.” singer tweeted about her disdain for the term, writing: