You Can Thank Susan Bennett For Siri’s Uselessness

Siri has a face, and that face has been a voiceover talent since the 70s.

Susan Bennett, who first lent her voice to a First National Bank commercial, can also be heard directing passengers in Delta terminals (and telling passengers to turn off their iPhones).

I began my career as a machine many years ago,” Bennett told CNN. “I’m sure that you hear my voice at some point every day.”

Back in 2005, a software company named Scansoft was looking for talent to record for a database to construct speech.  Bennett was selected by a local Atlanta recording company, and began recording in her home studio for four hours a day, every day in July.  She read off all sorts of nonsense that experts would then be able to craft into actual words, sentences and paragraphs.

Bennett, like everyone else who’s used Siri, doesn’t always give us what we want.

“But I never yell at her — very bad karma,” Bennett said. That said, she knows not everyone is as gracious: “Yes, I worry about how many times I get cursed every day.”

A lot, Susan.  A lot.

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