Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable New North West Photo

Kim Kardashian Shares New North West Pic
Awww. Here's little Nori West swaddled and pensive. Kim Kardashian shared the new photo on her instagram account after returning from a whirlwind Paris Fashion Week trip with beau Kanye West.


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  • kimberbelly

    She doesn't look like she is 4 months in this picture. She looks like she is a newborn. And the 2 pictures are definitely the same baby! Why does anything have to be wrong with the baby because they are trying to keep their privacy?

  • hateraide11

    lana couldn't agree more you are right. Kris Jenner is scrambling to do damage control. Only infants are to be swaddled. Nori is no longer an infant. In fact it causes growth problems and even death. This is especially true of older babies like Nori. That child has no business being swaddled at this age period. Total child neglect and abandonment poor baby. American Academy of Pediatrics the AAP named several specific swaddling-related concerns, including: Hip dysplasia or dislocation (tight swaddling increases the chances of hip problems.) Loose blankets in the crib (if a baby breaks free of the swaddle, the blanket can cover his face, increasing the risk of SIDS.) Stomach sleeping (if a swaddled baby is placed on her stomach to sleep, or if she rolls from her back to her stomach while swaddled, it increases the risk of SIDS.) Improper swaddling technique in general (the AAP has concerns that not all childcare workers know how to safely swaddle babies.)

  • lanamm

    something is wrong here. why baby is wrapped like a 2-week old baby? 4-month old baby can grab a toy and hold it. Why her arms are wrapped? This baby has to be able to smile and hold a toy and be shown as 4-month old whould be...clothed in baby cloth ...not tided up like that

  • Jen Mercer
    Jen Mercer

    @Victoria McGuire got to be kidding me .. do you wear glasses.. if not maybe its time you should! not a fan of Kk but I am 100% sure it was her in both pics.. do you realize just how fast a newborn changes there features in a matter of would if you have kids .. this baby is gorgeous .. h8r's will always h8!

  • Adisa Šišić
    Adisa Šišić

    Angel :)

  • Zineb Outarocht
    Zineb Outarocht

    Omg My angel west cost God bless you baby i love you so much kim and kanye #teamKARDASHIANS <3

  • Victoria McGuire
    Victoria McGuire

    Looks nothing like the photo kanye showed Kris J on her TV show. Two different kids. Lies again. makes one wonder what is wrong with their daughters looks that they can't show a real picture and why not with them holding her. Ooops kim can't have baby spit on her fancy duds.