Nina Dobrev Goes Topless Because She Wants You to #GetCovered

Nina Dobrev may already have access to affordable healthcare, but that doesn't mean she still can't throw her support for Obamacare.

Taking a page from those naked PETA ads, the Canadian actress stripped down this week to draw attention to America's current healthcare issue, covering her chest with a "#GetCovered" sign. The hashtag represents the Affordable Care Act, which makes preventive care accessible and affordable for uninsured Americans.

"Im Canadian. We have healthcare for all. If you dont have insurance go to and #GetCovered, Because w/o it, youre naked," she wrote.

However, the Vampire Diaries star isn't the only one encouraging fans to get behind the healthcare law. Launch the gallery above for more celebrity #GetCovered photos.



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  • abcelest

    @David Obey its only a tax if you don't have insurance. But even then there are caveats. For example, if you're too poor to afford insurance, there are avenues to take to avoid the fee or get insurance. Also if the state you're in has one of those idiot Republican governors who are against the capitalist idea of insurance exchanges, you can even go to another state to buy insurance.

  • David Obey
    David Obey

    If you celebutards would actually read the legislation, you would see that this isn't helping anyone. It is a huge tax that is being imposed on people by their lying president who promised NOT to tax the poor class. I am pleased that youre happy about my getting taxed more by an institution that has virtually destroyed every business that it has touched (see usps, the government, etc...) I would appreciate you keeping your ignorance to yourself!

  • John Wilde
    John Wilde

    Nina you ignorant s%&t. Please stay in hollyweird.