Why Have You Returned To Us, Scrunchie?

During a recent trip home, I noticed that my mother was wearing a scrunchie.


I poked fun at her rad accessory, never imagining that she was on to something.  Ugh.

Last week, Princess Cressida Bonas of Unmade Beds lunched with Princess Eugenie in Kensington.  Because she’s just so free-spirited and whimsical, Cressy pulled her hair into an haphazard do, secured by a scrunchie.

Tuesday night, she was at it again, this time whilst on a date with Prince Harry.

While he looked smart in a button-down outside the Prince of Wales Theater, Cressida called it in again, accessorizing her disheveled look with that friggin’ scrunchie.

It’s happening.  The scrunchie that adorned my oversized tees and my pre-colored hair is coming back.  Marc by Marc Jacobs and Missoni have already jumped on the retro bandwagon.  And yes, this trend-with-a-short-shelf-life will set you back a few hard-earned babysitting dollars.

Missoni had the audacity to price their scrunchie at $95, while the copy for one by Marc by Marc Jacobs warns that it’s dry-clean only.

I called my mother to tell her of the good news.  She, of course, was tickled.

“I love them!” she yelled into the phone.  “You can wear them around your wrist as a bracelet.”

Even the Today show was all hopped up on the “S” word, although it was worth it to see Willie Geist get in on the action.