Hey Miley Cyrus, Sinead O’Connor is Picking on Simon Cowell Now

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It’s probably safe to assume that Sinead O’Connor won’t be writing any more letters to Miley Cyrus.

On Friday, O’Connor appeared on Ireland’s Late Late Show to blast another music figure: Simon Cowell.

In fact, O’Connor went on a long rant about how Cowell and music industry people like him, (including frequent show judge Louis Walsh) are destroying the industry.

“Why One Direction are popularized is because the girls want to have sex with them, that’s what it’s about,” she said on the program. “I feel like the industry of music does exploit people who are possibly a little too young to know what they’re doing.”

“There’s a certain alarm that needs to get rung. Music is being murdered. Rock and roll is being murdered . . . by all this worship of fame, Pop Idol, X Factor, people like Simon Cowell, deciding what records should sound like. Deciding who gets to be famous.”

Of course, O’Connor also opened up about her spat with Cyrus from earlier this week. Turns out, Sinead O’Connor is a Smiler.

I think Miley’s a great artist. That’s not what it’s about. I like her songs, I love her voice. She’s not a stupid woman. It’s about the industry,” she said.

What O’Connor stands strongly by is her defense of Amanda Bynes, who was the subject of one of Miley’s Twitter responses to O’Connor on Oct. 3.

“I was upset on behalf of Amanda Bynes, not myself,” O’Connor said Friday. “I’m used to receiving abuse. I’m a tough cookie. I thought it was a nasty thing to do to Amanda Bynes because she had nothing to do with the conversation. And also the poor girl is in the hospital at the moment for the very illness she was mocked for having.”

Watch Sinead O’Connor’s Late Late Show appearance in its entirety, here (she starts around the 52-minute mark).

And yes, Ms. O’Connor has new cheek tattoos, but she refused to talk about them on the show.

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