Australian DJ Ruby Rose Says She 'Slept' With Demi Lovato

Ruby Rose and Demi Lovato
Is art imitating life here? Australian DJ Ruby Rose has come under fire from Demi Lovato fans for taking to twitter and claiming she romanced the X Factor judge. In a post that has since been deleted, Rose says she 'slept' with Demi. 

Lovato, whose has been vocal in the past about her struggles with self-harm and eating disorders, has yet to respond to the DJ's claim. The timing of the self-proclaimed scorned ex-lovers' revelation is a bit suspect though as Lovato just made an appearance on the show Glee playing, what else,  a bisexual love interest of Naya Rivera's character Santana.



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  • lizmonkey22

    I think there is no reason why people should be talking about this. Demi has a personal life that belongs to her, and unless she told me personally then I dont believe that she slept with that girl. Just beacuse she plays a lesbian on glee does not make her one. Whatever she does in her private time is her business.

  • Danuka Nav
    Danuka Nav

    thats hot!!

  • edithic

    Actually her character on Glee is a lesbian, not bi!!