Selfish People Taylor Swift and Kelly Osbourne Baked Goodies and Didn’t Let Us Eat Any

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At once, this photo of Taylor Swift and Kelly Osbourne baking together is both shocking and utterly unsurprising. At first I was like, “They’re friends?!” But then I was like, “Of course they are.” One moment I’m all, “Really, they bake when they hang out?” Then, the next second I’m like, “Yeah, that makes perfect sense.” One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me. I am not, however, surprised at how awesome today’s winning captions are, because the winning captions are always awesome.

“Kelly: ‘oh no Taylor. We burned the cupcakes!’ Taylor: ‘we are never ever ever baking together!… again'” – Jonathan

“Bless our hearts … We have no idea wth hell were doing lol” – Natalie

“even we are surprised that we can cook” – Smrutee

“We’re baking my Dads fav, bat pie!!” – Ray

“Teaching Taylor to bake penis shaped cookies” – Kati

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Image Source:@KellyOsbourne