Jay Z Signs Steven Spielberg’s Kids to Roc Nation

Jay Z has just signed the Los Angeles-based duo Wardell to his Roc Nation label. Wardell’s members (Sasha and Theo Spielberg) are the children of Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw.

Wardell has been around for a little while, and they released an EP called “Brother/Sister” in June of this year. According to Roc Nation’s website, their debut album will come out next year. “It’s the kind of music you’d expect from two people who grew up sharing a wall, infused with that particular intimacy that comes with a life spent knowing each other,” reads the label’s website. “And while they draw from a wide range of influences , they have managed to create a sound that is wholly their own.”

You can listen to the duo’s single “Opossum” here: