Miley Cyrus’ Biggest Fan Now Has 21 Miley-Themed Tattoos

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Carl McCoid, whose love of tattoos is second only to his love of Miley Cyrus, has now inked his love for the twerk-loving songstress with tattoos number 20 and 21. And Celebuzz has the first photos.

The diehard Brit, who hails from Yorkshire, England, has immortalized Cyrus’ tongue-wagging antics and record-breaking album on his stomach and back.

“They’re pretty huge ones,” the 40-year-old superfan told us via email. “The 20th is a portrait with her signature photo smile and tongue. My portrait tattoos are a timeline. This is her latest facial look and the first of her new hair since she changed it last year.”

Carl adds that each of his tattoos has a unique purpose.

“The 21st celebrates her new album release ‘Bangerz.’ I wanted that big and bold,” he said. “It’s the exact design from the album.”

McCoid credits the 20-year-old pop tartlet for helping him get over his divorce in 2009. So, he fell head over heels, idolizing Liam Hemsworth’s ex with the (almost) spitting images, including a long-haired Cyrus on his left arm and song lyrics emblazoned across the other.

And his lovefest can’t be tamed. He’s already planning No. 22.

“My 22nd is due in two weeks,” Carl said. He already has two pics in mind: “It’s a choice between the VMAs iconic facial expression or her amazing profile facial side image,” he said.

From wrecking ball rides, nipple pasties, and an abundance of crop-top and panty-baring performances, we just don’t know how Carl will ever decide.