Should Rebel Wilson Lose Weight for Money?

Australian comedian and America’s favorite nerd Rebel Wilson is reportedly in talks to shed weight for cash. The Pitch Perfect star has enjoyed success at the box office and is currently starring in ABC’s Super Fun Night, a series that she also created. Everything seems to be working out for Wilson, so why would she want to slim down?

According to Radar Online, Rebel is considering it for the dough. Losing weight has proven to be quite lucrative for Jessica Simpson (Weight Watchers), Mariah Carey (Jenny Craig) and Jennifer Hudson (Weight Watchers.) Rebel: we get it. A girl’s gotta eat, so to speak. But wouldn’t it be refreshing if just once (ok, twice. Thank you, Melissa McCarthy) a “plus-sized” hollywood lady would just embrace her body as is and not pimp herself out to a diet company for publicity and exposure. Do you think Rebel should take the money and drop the weight?

In other news, here’s a picture of supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio eating a slice of pizza.