Johnny Wujek Announces New Fashion Ventures

Celebrity stylist and America’s Next Top Model creative director Johnny Wujek will soon launch his own site, and we’ve got a sneaky-peek of his interview with pal/cutest-OC-star-there-ever-was Rachel Bilson

Plus, Wujek just announced his new web series, Stylist on Set, which will send Wujek across the country to help people solve their personal style dilemmas.

Ok, now on to a Q&A starring Wujek and Summer Roberts.

Johnny Wujek: Remember that one carpet event for the OC. Where we did rock t shirt and little skirt. And heels? Are we seeing that look anywhere now?

Rachel Bilson: Omg all my early carpet looks are kind of funny. a worn in rock tee is always cool in my opinion. I see cooler modern takes on it. Olivia Wilde rocked a good combo recently with a Springsteen shirt. Love Olivia   

JW: Two favorite songs of the moment.

RB: Favorite songs of the moment: Get Free by Major Lazer and Facing West by The Staves

JW: Quick. First animal that pops into your brain. 

RB: elephant.

Head over to Johnny Wujek’s site now for more.