You Will Know Her Name: Wendy’s LookBook

In honor of Carrie, a girl with a pretty special power of her own, we’re taking a look at 8 kick-ass women harnessing the power of their talents to make a splash in a BIG way. Nails good, show tunes sung – now let’s get dressed with Wendy, from Wendy’s Lookbook. You probably haven’t heard of any of these women yet, but trust us — you will know her name.

Facts: Wendy will show you 25 ways to tie a scarf in under 5 minutes and she is the cutest style blogger we know.

Why We Love Her: It’s not just the videos, the tutorials, or the killer photography — we fell in love when she taught us (finally!) how to walk in heels.

Where She’s At: Where ISN’T she?! Check out her YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course, the blog that started it all.

Why We’re Obsessed:
There’s a lot to pick from, but it seems for us, this mesmerizing run through her ten essential closet items is a standout.

That’s probably not enough Wendy for ya, so here’s a couple other brilliant vids.

The easiest, sweetest, prettiest hairstyle — in under 5 minutes.
Braided Bun Tutorial:

This mesmerizing supercut of 100 outfits will blow your mind.

Stop motion animation + adorable shoes = LOVE
Be Your Shoe Self.