Bruce Jenner Has a Ponytail Now

Bruce Jenner has a Ponytail
Well, he's not pulling a Papa Joe Simpson, complete with snazzy duds and highlights but the Jenner/Kardashian patriarch IS trying to pull off a ponytail.

Bruce, who along with wife Kris confirmed they have separated after 22 years of marriage was spotted hittin' some balls at the driving range yesterday and was sporting a little ponytail.

Yes, of course he still has his wedding band on (and could seriously use a nail trim), but that hair. Lose the locks, Bruce. You're freeeeeeeee!



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  • Enimsaj Maharm
    Enimsaj Maharm

    He's finally free to do as he pleases, that woman just controls him anyway, she is a slut like her daughters she just wants to sleep around, selfish woman, he did everything to make her happy (to keep her happy)!