Madonna Branded a Rude Movie Texter

Madonna with Steve McQueen
She may have just revealed intimate details about her life, but we didn't know Madonna was one of those people.

Page Six alleges that during the 12 Years a Slave premiere at the New York Film Festival last night, the Material Girl (pictured above with the director Steve McQueen) was texting throughout the film. When someone in the audience called her out on it, the primadonna snapped back “It’s for business . . . enslaver!” Because ya know abiding by common courtesy codes is exactly the same as being enslaved.



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  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker

    Quoting page six of the New York post as a source for this story is astonishing. Its a tabloid page in a tabloid paper with NO actual sources, and you reprint it. Exactly two enterprises have reprinted this since it supposedly happened nearly a week ago, and you are one of them. Tell you something?

  • fb100005084201879

    wow madonnas an a@@ h_le who knew?

  • Charley Cvercko
    Charley Cvercko

    I was eyerollingly amused to learn that Madonna is a movie texter--I'm a shusher

  • Calin Vaquero
    Calin Vaquero

    much ado about nothing