Sharon Buggy Sharon: Osbourne Pooped, Puked Everywhere After Meeting, Co-Host Says

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Last night Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood, possessed by an evil magic that infiltrated her heart and soul and bones, turned her face upwards and filled the deep black Los Angeles sky with the Dark Mark.

Sharon Osbourne threw up on me. And then pooped herself, she told Us.

Underwood recounted the bizarre story of her first encounter with future co-host Sharon Osbourne as part of her set for CBS After Dark: An Evening of Laughter in Support of Stand Up to Cancer. Underwood lingered on odd details, such as the color and texture of the egg yoke she was eating, and that Sharon Osbourne pooped in her car.

Said Underwood:

So I go there [the Polo Lounge] and I’m going to meet Sharon Osbourne, I’m very excited…I’m going to get breakfast, right. I order my huevos rancheros over easy. I cut the yolk and it starts oozing it out, I take the bread and sop it up like a biscuit. Sharon throws up on me.

Interesting, some might say upon hearing this story. Tell us more, they might add. Please stop talking about your wet biscuit, others might ask. Or, if you’re Sheryl Underwood, you might say, “You know black people are like, ‘Shit, she done thrown up on my outfit.”

Underwood concluded her set by explaining that Osbourne had in fact had the flu, and when Sharon got in the car, “she vomited all over the car and she shit all over the car.”