Watch Kanye West's 8-Minute 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Rant

Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel sat down last night to settle the score after the two got into a twitter fight over a parody of Kanye's now infamous BBC interview that Kimmel aired. In other words, two grown men got together to discuss a fight they'd had on the internet and televised it.

The highlight of the show came when, prompted by Kimmel presenting West with a pair of North West-sized leather jogging pants, Kanye launched into one of his signature rants, speaking for more than 8 minutes, nearly uninterrupted.

During those eight minutes, Kanye waxed poetic about his place in the fashion world, the paparazzi, classism, $4000 phones and snobbery. He also justified comparing himself to Steve Jobs, Howard Hughes and Leonardo DaVinci.

Earlier in the show, Kanye and Kimmel settled their beef: Kanye admit to not having watched the full parody of his BBC interview and Kimmel admit to not having watched the full BBC interview he parodied.



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  • Aon Duine
    Aon Duine

    People in the industry don't respect him because he's a loudmouth fool.

  • goodfor7days

    Even though West is prone to rants and rambles he does bring a interesting topic of "classism." I don't doubt for a moment he has experienced some sort of ostracizing from the high-fashion society. I am not surprised that many people in that industry simply will never respect him because of his fame as a rapper

  • Dross Cool
    Dross Cool