Watch Kanye West's 8-Minute 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Rant

Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel sat down last night to settle the score after the two got into a twitter fight over a parody of Kanye's now infamous BBC interview that Kimmel aired. In other words, two grown men got together to discuss a fight they'd had on the internet and televised it.

The highlight of the show came when, prompted by Kimmel presenting West with a pair of North West-sized leather jogging pants, Kanye launched into one of his signature rants, speaking for more than 8 minutes, nearly uninterrupted.

During those eight minutes, Kanye waxed poetic about his place in the fashion world, the paparazzi, classism, $4000 phones and snobbery. He also justified comparing himself to Steve Jobs, Howard Hughes and Leonardo DaVinci.

Earlier in the show, Kanye and Kimmel settled their beef: Kanye admit to not having watched the full parody of his BBC interview and Kimmel admit to not having watched the full BBC interview he parodied.



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  • joeright

    He has some interesting clothing style ideas. But he made his personona, music, lyrics, and is responsible for his public image. Now the bed he made he has to lye in. People buy fashion because of the attraction they have to the brand image, and his feels more like a short term trend. Rap songs from one artist rarely hold the hearts of one for years and him marrying a reality star only made his 15 minutes of fame seem like 10 was left. Not good for building your public image even if he did it for love.

  • Aon Duine
    Aon Duine

    People in the industry don't respect him because he's a loudmouth fool.

  • goodfor7days

    Even though West is prone to rants and rambles he does bring a interesting topic of "classism." I don't doubt for a moment he has experienced some sort of ostracizing from the high-fashion society. I am not surprised that many people in that industry simply will never respect him because of his fame as a rapper

  • Dross Cool
    Dross Cool