Zac Efron Is Trading One L.A. Panty-Dropping Palace for Another

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Zac Efron’s got a new lease on life after rehab.

And a clean slate means a new multi-million party pad in the Hollywood Hills.

The 17 Again star is reportedly moving out of his cool crib and spreading his newly-sober wings with a new even sweeter spread.

Efron originally spent his hard-earned HSM cash ($2.35 million to be exact) on a retreat off Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills circa 2008.

Now, according to TMZ, he’s upgrading to similar style digs in Los Feliz — but by the looks of his first hillside habitat, we’re not sure why he’d give up such an architectural masterpiece.

And CB! has the inside pics.

Originally re-designed for Arts & Architecture‘s Case Study program, the landmark 2-bedroom super-modern manse has entire walls of glass that disappear in every room for seamless indoor/outdoor flow.

Other cool features include heated concrete floors, infinity pool with cabana, patios, canyon views and what every celeb longs for… privacy.

So if more room is what the 25-year-old silver screen hottie was looking for, his new place has it in spades. It’s got 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, a guest house, (more) glass walls, and a sprawling terrace overlooking the pool, deck and cityscape. And all for a steep $3.995 million.

Take a look at Zac’s old and new digs for yourself and decide which one you like better.