Let’s Find Out Why Bethenny Frankel Became a Real Housewife

Andy Cohen knows how to draw ratings.  Come Monday, October 14th, Cohen will show Bethenny viewers the host’s audition tape for The Real Housewives of New York City.

The clip showed Frankel (in a slim-fit polo and ruffle tiered skirt, just like what my sister wore in high school), talking about being a natural foods chef and owning her own baking company that Victoria’s Secret models nibbled on.

Frankel was mortified after the tape rolled, and cringed when Cohen told her he appreciated that she named-dropped the sh*t out of her “natural food” clients (Alicia Silverstone, Denis Leary, Mariska Hargitay).

Since then, Frankel’s made a fortune from selling her low-calorie liquor company (the ingredients taste like dish washer detergent).

Frankel’s also done wonders for women with wobbly bits, reminding the sisterhood that our plates should be smaller, and the glass of merlot that we’re drinking should contain half the calories.

It’s red wine!  It’s fermented grapes!  Leave me alone.