Channing Tatum Should Definitely Star In a Gay Rom-Com

At an event celebrating the release of The Heat on DVD and Blu-Ray, Paul Feig announced that he would love for Channing Tatum, that guy you always see crushing it at the gym without like, even trying, to star in a new rom-com currently in development. A new gay rom-com.

This is a great idea.

The film’s premise is this: a sort of Joe Blow regular kind of guy gets involved with a 2012’s People’s Sexiest Man Alive kind of guy, and  finds himself unable to cope with the pressures and insecurities that inevitably haunts a person dating outside their bracket.

Channing Tatum is destined for this role. From Tatum we’ve seen the shoot-em-up tough guy, the heartbroken husband, the dancer from the wrong side of the tracks, the wisecracking cop, and the greased up stripper with a heart of gold. Tatum is somehow able to inhabit both the meathead and the charmingly attainable leading man, making him both a girl’s guy and a guy’s guy. A McConaughey of an earlier time. Now, give him a few Ephronesque lines–all prettily packaged and ready to be delivered with funny and frank and self-effacing affection, and have them delivered to another guy no less–and you will have a hit on your hands.

Anyway the point is, no matter who you love, Channing Tatum is a real hunk-o-stuff. And everyone should feel very sexual about this idea.