CommentBuzz: The Week’s Reader Comments About Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and More

Here’s my recap of the week: Miley Cyrus blah blah #governmentshutdown blah blah, Lady Gaga blah blah new single blaaahhhhhh, Demi Lovato might have had sex with a woman yadda yadda yada, Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner split up uh huh uh huh huh. I’m not very good at my job, clearly, and that’s why they pay me in used coffee grounds. Anyway, you can get a better sense of what happened in the world of pop culture this week by checking out this week’s CommentBuzz after the jump. Thank you, readers, for doing my job so that I don’t have to.

Billy Ray Cyrus spoke out about his daughter and her happiness:

“I can’t help to wonder if being happy…with constant drug use is how someone should be happy. I worry about her drug use and possible pregnancy health in the future. OK to be happy, but at what cost to health.” – ekpg

“She’s as shrewd and together person as anybody could be…..If more people could be as smart, clear and in the moment when their “high” I would endorse it wholeheartedly.” – Carl

Miley’s SNL hosting/singing gig elicited some positive reactions:

Being the history enthusiast I am, I almost ENVY the future generations of children who will be able to read about the great self made, GOP manufactured financial crisis of 2013.” – Chas

“it was so awful i love it” – Thomas

“ha very funny video! love it” – Sarah

“This is fantastic!” – Amanda

Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel settled their beef in a dramatic televised spectacle:

“People in the industry don’t respect him because he’s a loudmouth fool.” – Aon

“Even though West is prone to rants and rambles he does bring a interesting topic of “classism.” I don’t doubt for a moment he has experienced some sort of ostracizing from the high-fashion society. I am not surprised that many people in that industry simply will never respect him because of his fame as a rapper” – goodfor7days


Rihanna got the world’s most painful tattoo:

“Really nice :) the pain people go through for beauty! but it looks good and she took it like a pro, well done Rihanna.” – Emma

“love it girl beauty comes with pain #caribbeangirls #1 fan” – jevaughnie

“Just get it done in marker so it is not permanent. Not liking the look/pattern being permanent. But if she like it then, it is her call.” – ekpg

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