‘Laguna Beach’ Alum Jason Wahler Marries Ashley Slack

After d*cking Jessica around, then dating Alex because she popped out of a box to ask him to a dance, then dating and d*cking Lauren Conrad around, Jason Wahler has found peace and happiness and love and all that comes with marital bliss.

Yesterday, Wahler married model Ashley Slack at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, CA.  Wahler was even so kind to let Life & Style show vows he himself penned:

Dr. Seuss once said you know you’re in love when reality is better than your dreams. I always lived my life through my dreams until the day I met you. In your eyes I have found my home. In your soul I have found my mate. In your heart I have found my love. You make me laugh, you let me cry. I am yours and you are mine. You are my breath, my every heartbeat. Today I stand before you offering my love. I promise to love you today, tomorrow and always. I promise to nurture your dreams because through them your soul shines. I promise to be faithful, supportive and to always make our families’ love and happiness my priority. With you, I am whole. You are my best friend, my confidant, my love and today you become my wife.

Great.  So Wahler, 26, is three years sober thanks to Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew (who, by the by, was a guest at the wedding). He asked Slack to marry him last November with a pear-shaped ring, then made an honest woman of her in front of 180 friends and family, which included Andy Milonakis, Janice Dickinson, and that weird kid from season two of Laguna Beach, Cedric Channels.

In 2009, Wahler broke off his engagement Katja Decker-Sadowski.

In a sort of related note, Morgan from season one grew into her looks and married a really good-looking dude.