Mark Zuckerberg Spends $30 Million to Keep His Palo Alto Panty-Dropping Palace Private

Mark Zuckerberg will do anything for a little peace and quiet.

And if that means spending $30 million to do it, he won’t hesitate.

The $19 billion man reportedly splashed out that kind of dough to keep a nosy neighbor from building next door to his digs in Palo Alto, Calif.

The Facebook founder bought four homes surrounding his pad in the upscale neighborhood not so he could built a McMansion of his own, but to keep a developer from using his famous name to make a profit.

“The developer was going to build a huge house and market the property as being next door to Mark Zuckerberg,” a source told the San Jose Mercury News.

So the 29-year-old tech entrepreneur is leasing the homes back to the owners, who can also call Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and Google’s Larry Page among their uber-wealthy neighbors.

Just what is the world’s youngest billionaire fiercely trying to protect?

The modest crib he bought in 2011 for nearly $2.5 million and shares with his wife Priscilla Chan. The two homes on one lot are nearly 4,000 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and an entertainment room in the main house. In the back guest house are 2 bedrooms with an extra room Zuckerberg can use as his own private study/think tank.

Let Celebuzz take you on a tour inside his digs in the gallery above.