10 Reasons Why ‘Reign’ is Going to Rule

We love TV about the history of the royal family – especially when it comes with a gorgeous cast, an unforgettable heroin like – Mary Queen of Scots – and natch, plenty of sexy intrigue. Yes, Reign has arrived – and we’re crazy-psyched for the premiere.

Check out the 10 reasons why The CW’s Reign is going to rule!

1. It’s historical fiction with hotties. If you think Reign is going to be filled with stuffy old actors wearing powdered wigs, think again! Check out the cast photo below for a little sample of the monarchy eye candy you can expect to chew on.

2. We love stuff about the royals. Doesn’t matter if its Will and Kate or Henry the 8th and Catherine the Great, we can’t get enough of anything having to do with lives, loves and intrigue of the British royal family.

3. Because Mary, Queen of Scots was awesome. Not sure what you accomplish during your teen years, but young Mary was taking over countries and commanding huge armies. This was a feminist before feminism was a thing.

4. It has a cool young cast. Teenage Mary is played by rising star and Teen Wolf alum Adelaide Kane.  Alongside Kane is Tony Regbo (One Day), Torrance Combs (The Tudors) and Megan Follows (Anne of Green Gables).

5. Because we’re hooked after seeing this awesome one-minute trailer.

6. Free TV finally gets a cool show about the royals. Bummed because a tight budget leaves Game of Thrones and The Tudors out of your price range? Then get ready for the first free show about one of the most fascinating historical periods ever.

7. Wicked costume design. The minds behind Reign’s costume design really went all out – crafting something that’s accurate historically, yet still sexy and daring.

8. It’s another strong show coming out of The CW. The young-ish network has been producing some seriously fun shows over the past few years. Reign joins a line-up that includes Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals and last season’s break out shows The Carrie Diaries, Arrow and Beauty and The Beast.

9. Because we ADORED Megan Fellows in Anne of Green Gables. The Canadian actress is most definitely on our hot list, but we’re going to have to work extra hard to see her as Catherine de Medici – and anything BUT Anne of GG.

10. Because it is being compared to the Tudors…and we love us some Tudors. Romance, violence and political intrigue – Tudors nailed it. And if with those in the know praising Reign in the same way, we could not be more psyched!


Reign premieres on The CW Thursday at 9/8 p.m. c!


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