Beyoncé to Star in ‘Inception’ Sequel, ‘Inceptagram: The Filtering’

Originally, the lower half of Beyoncé‘s costume from the film was supposed to include comments like “BEYONCE PLS COME TO BRAZIL!” and “STFU RIHANNA IS THE REAL QUEEN OF INSTAGRAM,” and “I would give you the anything to meet you queen… when u will come 2 brasil?” However, the film was canceled due to lack of interest and also because it never really existed because it was just a joke. Though we will never see Inceptagram: The Filtering starring Queen Bey, we can at least enjoy today’s winning captions.

“I’m the picture that will last longer” – Alysia

“Selfies huh? Is that what I have to do to get people to stop looking at my butt and look up.” – Marlise

“do ya get the picture now?” – Maci

“I’ve been framed it was rhinna” – Bradly

“Double tap THIS!” – Murny

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Image Source: @Beyoncé