Christina Applegate’s Husband Frisked by Police Over Fight with Paparazzi

Police had to detain Christina Applegate’s husband Martyn LeNoble and a photographer Sunday after they allegedly got into a fight over the paparazzo taking pictures of LeNoble and Applegate’s two-year-old daughter.

The Swiss Family Applegate was at a birthday party when it all went down. According to LeNoble, when the unnamed photographer tried to take pictures of the couple’s child, LeNoble came outside to ask him to stop. That’s when things got physical, LeNoble claiming that the photographer was the one who escalated things.

Video of the incident shows police frisking LeNoble and speaking with him about the fight. He was, however, not arrested and free to return to the party. It’s not clear whether LeNoble and Applegate will sue the photographer, though law enforcement claims that the paparazzo doesn’t intend to file charges of his own.