Here’s Everything the Cast of ‘The Hills’ Did This Weekend In Case You Were Wondering

Two engagements, a wedding and Jen Bunney. It was a busy weekend for the former cast-members of The Hills. Here is a quick round-up.

Lauren Conrad

The once and forever LC was engaged to be married this weekend. Her fiancé is William Tell, Swiss folk hero and expert marksman. In making the announcement, Conrad promised more wedding content on her lifestyle website because what’s life if it can’t be monetized?

Holly Montag

Older sister to Heidi, Holly Montag is also gettin’ herself hitched. Montag’s parents had to sell some of Spencer Pratt’s crystals, but they were finally able to raise enough dowry to betroth their eldest daughter. Thus far Montag’s fiancé has only been identified as “Richie” so allow me to wildly speculate that Holly Montag is engaged to be married to either the lead guitarist for Bon Jovi or a precocious blonde child with a vast fortune.

Jason Wahler 

Okay so he and Katja may not have made it, but this weekend Jason and Ashley Stack were joined as man and wife following Wahler’s vows which paraphrased Dr. Seuss.

Kristin Cavallari

This weekend Kristin told a Chicago television station that she and her husband Jay Cutler are “doing all the necessary things to get pregnant.” So, Kristin and Jay are holed up in a Volvo on a bluff somewhere.

Heidi Montag and Stephen Colletti

Heidi and Stephen were both feeling congratulatory:



Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt went to a Pink concert with her “gals.”

Jen Bunney

Jen Bunney was alive somewhere. Doing something. Probably stealing someone’s boyfriend. Who cares.