Liv Tyler Wants to Scare the Shit Out of You This Halloween

Liv Tyler Spooky Halloween Decorations
Actress Liv Tyler lives in a lovely brownstone in Manhattan, made lovelier horrifying by a Linda Blair Exorcist doll that hangs on a swing outside the home. Why would Liv do this to us? Why would Liv do this to her beautiful house? Probably because Liv Tyler wants to scare the everliving shit out of you. 

Yes, I understand Halloween is all about scary movies and spooky stuff but can we all agree to draw the line somewhere? And can that line be before you resort to this:






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  • llaroche35

    Are these people idiots? Its called having fun and a scare! Its freaking halloween not christmas!! Everyone's entitled to a scare on Halloween!!! And if your against halloween and you dont celebrate it (like some of my friends) stay home!!! I say "Way to go Liv!" And your decorating looked Amazing!!! :))

  • Jayden Matthew
    Jayden Matthew

    shut up!

  • Jean Deaux
    Jean Deaux

    good stuff. leave it up. will definitely scare the shite out of someone.